Photo Gallery

Department of Pediatric Oleny Telihy St. 7 (2022)

Clinical hall and auditorium where students of foreign faculty get knowledge of the specialty - pediatric dentistry (2020)

Clinical Hall of Pediatric Surgical Dentistry for 4-5th courses students (2020)

Clinical hall, where the students of 3-5th courses study and improve pediatric therapeutic and orthodontic dentistry (2020)

For 5th courses students - clinical hall for practical knowledge about diseases of the oral mucosa (2020)

Cabinet of Pediatric Therapeutic Dentistry "for 4th courses students" (2020)

Auditory of "beautiful smiles" where students of 3-5th courses study orthodontics (2020)

Clinical hall of prevention dental diseases for students of 3-4th courses (2020)

Pediatric dentistry class where 2nd year courses study (2020)

Child therapeutic dentistry. Group 409. Topic № 2 Caries of temporary teeth in children. Regularities of clinical manifestations and course. Diagnosis, differential diagnosis. Treatment of caries of temporary teeth in children. Features of preparation and filling of carious cavities, choice of filling materials. Silvering as a method of treating caries of temporary teeth. Student Bartosz Migotski is answering about the main clinical manifestations of caries in temporary teeth.(2020)

Prevention of dental deseases. Group #313. Lesson №22: Exogenous prevention of dental caries in age aspect. Student Anu Anandan is answering about using fluorine-containing solution to prevent caries in children and adults.(2020)

Head of the Department Professor O.V. Avdeev treating a patient (2020)

Associate Professor V. Y. Pudiak teaching students anesthesia management (2020)

Department team (2020)

Assistant Professor N.I. Osarchuk and students at a training session (2019)

Head of the Department Professor O.V. Avdeev describing X-ray (2019)

Assistant Professor N.I. Sydiaruk and international students at atraining session (2019)

Associate Professor M.M.Yakymets and students examining a patient at a training session (2018)

Associate Professor M.M. Yakymets discussing clinical cases (2018)

Group mentor Assistant Professor L.I. Kuchіrka and students at the library (2017)

Assistant Professor Martits Yu.M. and students at the exhibition of modern stomatological materials in Lviv (2017)

Head of the Department Professor Avdeev O.V. treating a patient by means of the latest diagnostic equipment (2016)

Associate Professor V.Y. Pudiak and the 5th year students examining a child patient (2016)

Assistant Professor Sidliaruk N.I. cexamining a child patient using current methods of treatment and the latest materials (2015)

Professor Gevkalyuk N.O. examining a child patient (2015)

Professor O.V. Avdeev examining a child patient (2014)

Assistant Professor Sidliaruk N.I. and international students examining a patient (2014)

Associate Professor V.Ye. Pudiak examining a child patient (2013)

Department team (2020)